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Airports in Lapland (Complete List)

by Staff Reporter

This is a complete list of every AIRPORT in Lapland. If you are traveling to Lapland and are looking for airports, we’ve got you covered.

About Airports in Lapland

 Lapland may be remote and secluded, but it is far from inaccessible. There are six airports in Northern Finland (Finnish Lapland) which are operated by the country’s airport organization Finavia.

The Airports

Rovaniemi: (Rovaniemi, Finland) In passenger numbers Rovaniemi is one of the busiest airports in Finland, especially busy during the winter season. Rovaniemi is the official airport of Santa Claus in the Arctic Circle, in the capital of Lapland.

Kittila: (Kittilä inside the Arctic Circle) At the Nordic level, Kittila can be considered the ‘tourist airport of Lapland’. Known for Arctic skiing activities and Northern Lights tours, it has the highest number of direct flights to Asia. During the winter season, Kittila is especially busy, as the airport has excellent connections to major holiday attractions and ski resorts in Lapland.

Ivalo: (Ivalo, Inari, Finland) Ivalo is the northernmost airport in the country as such, this makes Ivalo the airport for wilderness and trekking.

Kemi-Tornio: (Kemi, Finland) The airport serves business travelers and tourists heading to Southern Lapland and is a good jump off point for Icebreaker and Arctic floating activities.

Kuusamo: (Kuusamo, Finland) Traffic to Kuusamo is busy especially in winter. Browse the photo exhibition by photographer Pertti Härkönen, whose photos of the Hossa wilderness area are a sight to see.

Enontekiö: (Enontekiö, Finnish Lapland) Enontekiö is the youngest airport in Finland. It is located 300 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest airport in the country!

What you need to know about airports in Lapland:

International travellers generally fly into Helsinki in order to make connections to the six airports in Lapland and fly to various areas from there. Most major airline companies service this airport: from national airline Finnair to European carriers such as British Airways, Aeroflot, KLM, SAS, Lufthansa and Aer Lingus and many others.

From Helsinki, you can choose a flight to Lapland, depending on where in Lapland you’re going. Daily, Finnair operates several scheduled services to the various local airports: Rovaniemi, Ivalo, Enontekio, Kittila and Kemi/Tornio.

Rovaniemi Airport

is the most popular airport (if you’re looking to visit the Santa Claus village, this is where you would fly) in Finland. Rovaniemi serves as the entrance to all Lapland, Northwest Russia, Northern Sweden and Norway. It is not only serviced by Finnair but also by Norwegian and AirBaltic. The airport was designed by the internationally-renowned architects Mikko Heikkinen and Markku Komonen and in 2015, Rovaniemi won the ‘Finavia Airport of the Year’ award. The airport has an airside cafe, a couple of souvenir shops and free WiFi. Most importantly, you can mail a postcard from the Santa Claus Post Office at the airport for a specially stamped postmark!

rovaniemi, finland

Kittila Airport 

is considered the fourth busiest airport in Finland. It was constructed in 1979 on the site of a former forest airfield used by Metsähallitus, a state enterprise, which manages the woodlands owned by the state. Throughout the year, Kittilä Airport employs 50 people. During the winter season there are up to 100 people working at the airport to facilitate the busiest season of the year.

Ivalo Airport 

is not only the farthest North but also the oldest airport in Lapland. Some of the sites that you can travel to from Ivalo are Lake Sevettijarvi, Tankavaara, and the mountains of Saariselka. To reach these destinations, you can rent a car at the airport with major car rental companies such as Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Budget or by bus. The airport has several car hire desks as well as free WiFi, but be aware that there are no ATM’s or money changers at Ivalo airport.

Kemi-Tornio Airport 

is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bothnia, the airport mostly serves business travellers and tourists heading to Southern Lapland. The airport has a small cafe/restaurant at the airport as well as a small gift shop for souvenirs. You should be aware that there is no public transportation directly to the airport. However, there is a bus stop very close to the airport. Airport taxi to Kemi takes around 15 minutes in travel time whereas the trip to Tornio takes approximately 25 minutes. There is a parking lot just in front of the terminal door.

Kuusamo Airport 

won the Finavia Airport of the Year in 1993. It is only 6km away from the main town centre. The airport contains various cafés and restaurants, a small souvenir shop and a photo exhibition by the photographer Pertti Härkönen of the Hossa wilderness area. At the Kuusamo Airport, you can also hire a multi-purpose house called Mosquito, which is located close to the airport, has a meeting room for 20 people, a sauna and enough space for changing gear before a snowmobile safari.

Enontekiö Airport 

is mainly used for charter flights during the winter. 80% of the airport’s passenger volume flies with the UK tour operator Transun. These passengers are usually tourists coming to experience Lapland for the day or to enjoy a stay in the nearby villages of Hetta, Karesuando (Sweden) or Kautokeino (Norway). The airport has a small café and offers free WiFi.

Helsinki Airport

Flying into Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland occupies lowland territories.

You’ll find that many international operators fly into Helsinki from around the world. Some of the flight carriers you might want to look at are: SAS, Finnair, Norwegian, British Airways, Icelandair, US Airways, United, Delta Airlines, KLM, Air France, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways.

Many of the domestic airlines cooperate with the international airlines, which means that you could complete your travel itinerary to Finnish Lapland in one booking.

Flying north, there are several operators, the choice of which will depend on your final destination.

Flying into Norwegian Lapland

Norway gifted Lapland the western mountainous part of Norwegian Lapland. It is the place of many picturesque fjords. 

Most flights into Norwegian Lapland will go via Oslo with a few charter flights flying direct from some destinations. A wide range of international operators fly into Oslo from around the world including those from SAS, Finnair, Norwegian, British Airways, Icelandair, US Airways, United, Delta Airlines, KLM, Air France, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways.

From Oslo, there are a number of flight options into the Arctic region to start your Norwegian Lapland adventure holiday.

Flying into Swedish Lapland

Sweden makes up the central Swedish Lapland, which is mostly taiga lands.

Most flights into Swedish Lapland will go via Stockholm Arlanda Airport or Copenhagen with a few charter flights flying direct from other destinations.

A wide range of international operators fly into Stockholm from around the world including those from SAS, Finnair, Norwegian, British Airways, Icelandair, US Airways, United, Delta Airlines, KLM, Air France, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways.

Often there are good links between international and domestic flights, and both can be booked in one itinerary, however, always check when booking.

When flying north on your Swedish Lapland adventure, there are several options and operators depending on your final destination, these are subject to change with additional routes being added – so it is worth looking around for the best options.

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